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8Are you searching for a new home builder in Greensboro with affordable new homes? RAM Homes offers new home plans that first-time buyers and other budget-conscious shoppers will love. Even better, the houses built by RAM Homes are completed by experts who continue to offer excellent service long after construction is completed.

Houses for Sale in Greensboro Built with the First-Time Home Buyer in Mind

A first-time home buyer interested in purchasing a single family home can choose from many newly constructed houses for sale in Greensboro. Those built by RAM Homes, a home builder in Greensboro you can count on to get things right, are among the best. That’s because RAM Homes has been building quality homes, made affordable for first time home buyers in Greensboro, for 10 years. RAM Homes is dedicated to providing beautifully crafted houses that fit a more conservative price range. Every aspect is closely monitored, to ensure errors and waste are kept to a minimum, both of which are common reasons for excess costs. The RAM Homes team has the experience it takes to keep your project on track and running smoothly.

Commitment to careful planning and attention to detail is evident in all of our houses for sale in Greensboro and the surrounding areas, throughout the planning and the construction processes. As a result, RAM Homes can feature appealing new home plans in lovely developments without breaking the budget. You deserve an opportunity to own a newly constructed house in a nice community without overspending, so affordability is a high priority for us at RAM Homes. We’ve devoted a lot of time and effort to finding the best value for all of the elements that go into our properties, and our customers have reaped the benefits.

The Home Builder in Greensboro You Can Depend On

Not only is RAM Homes the home builder in Greensboro you can depend on to build your first home with quality materials at an affordable price, but you can also count on us to offer helpful and professional service after your house is completed. We stand by our work and our efforts do not end with the final purchase. We are more than happy to offer any help or information necessary to our customers once you’ve had a chance to settle into your new residence.

Our popularity is a result of not only our support to customers once they’ve moved in, but also of our commitment to quality materials and timeliness. We understand just how important this purchase is, particularly to the first-time home buyer, and we strive to make sure our customers are completely satisfied. So we not only make sure our houses for sale in Greensboro have practical and attractive new home plans, we also make sure that everything is finished and working properly at move-in time.

First-time home buyers and all home shoppers, call RAM Homes today at 336-299-6150 to find out more about our quality new homes. Once you visit some of our new homes for sale, you will see why we are known for great budget friendly properties and superior service.