Quality Single-family Homes for Sale in NC at Prices You Will Love

Are you hoping to build your first home from the ground up, but scared of the potential cost of new construction? Or have your kids left home and you’re ready to downsize, but would like to start this new phase of your life with a brand new home? RAM Homes has streamlined the new home building process to create new home plans in NC that are perfect for first time buyers and empty nesters.

Quality Built homes for Sale in NC Don’t Have to Cost More.

If you’re shopping for single-family homes for sale in NC, finding lower prices doesn’t have to mean sacrificing quality. At RAM Homes, the first order of business is to make sure that buyers are getting good value for the materials that are used in their houses. Making sure that quality materials are purchased for reasonable prices is a very high priority for RAM Homes.

During the building phase of RAM Homes properties, a project manager supervises the project personally, to make sure that the building process is carried out in an orderly fashion and all of the work is done according to specification. Additionally, all inspections are double checked by the owner.

Close scrutiny is a must for RAM Homes, to ensure quality construction is performed at the highest level. In this way, waste and errors are kept at a minimum, keeping each project on schedule and within budget.

New Home Plans in NC That Use Budgets Wisely

When RAM Homes goes into a community to build homes, plans are put together for homes that will meet the needs of prospective buyers who are looking for homes outside the top end of the market. That means these homes are exactly what first time buyers, empty nesters and other budget conscious shoppers are looking for.

There are all kinds of ways to save costs on new home plans in NC, if a builder is willing to make the effort, and RAM Homes does just that. With effective use of space and an efficient layout of the rooms, great savings can be achieved, with both labor and materials. Not only are plumbing, electrical and basic construction costs lower, but the length of time it will take from breaking ground to completion is shorter, as well.

So if you are looking for single family homes for sale in NC, rest assured that there are reasonably priced options for you to choose from. Call 336-299-6150 for more information, or visit a RAM Home today and see for yourself.